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Hoff Facility Services, LLC provides service to many types of facilities!
  1. Office Buildings
    HFS provides service for all types of office space. If you have Class A office space, a Multi-tenant office park, or even a small office, please call us for a "hassle free" quote. Every office space is unique in terms of occupancy and square footage. We will create a cleaning program that is tailor made for your facility's needs. Day porter services are also available and we would be pleased to offer our services and support though-out your business day.
  2. Retail
    We understand that a shopper's experience is enhanced when a retail establishment is clean, healthy and maintained. HFS can provide retail cleaning services at your neighborhood market, strip-mall or even a big box store. We excel at restroom maintenance and guarantee your customer's will have a pleasant visit to your business. HFS can also create a floor and carpet maintenance program to keep your facility looking bright and refreshed.
  3. Financial Institutions
    Are you looking for a service provider you can trust? Rest easy knowing that all of our staff here at HFS undergo a thorough background check before hire. We carry an insurance policy that exceeds the industry standard and for additional protection, we are bonded to protect our client's from any unfortunate losses. Integrity is paramount and Hoff Facility Services will work hard to become your trusted professional service provider.
  4. Medical Facilities
    Infection control, disinfection, and de-contamination of your surfaces are a fundamental part of our service. HFS requires all staff servicing medical facilities to undergo infection control training as well as blood-borne pathogen training. HFS understands the importance of a safe and clean environment and we will implement a cleaning program that will help our client's remain in compliance with their regulators. Our safe practices will ensure the continued good health of your patients and staff.
  5. Industrial Facilities
    Grease, soil and dust can reek havoc on your facility's office space, restrooms/locker rooms and break room surfaces. Let HFS provide you with a proposal to eliminate the current build-up on your surfaces and create a plan to maintain thereafter. Using the proper cleaning chemicals, equipment and procedures will ensure a clean & safe facility for your staff that will increase productivity and lessen downtime due to employee illness.
  6. Production Facilities
    Whatever soil may be present in your facility, HFS will remove it. Every manufacturing facility has it's own unique contaminents and HFS will create a program that will improve the health of your employee and their overall well-being. Dust is a major bi-product of manufacturing and we will "clear the air" by using the appropriate cleaning equipment. Products such as micro-fiber cloths, mops and broom heads will help trap the contaminates. Vacuums with Hepa-filter will also be used to improve air quality. .
  7. Health Clubs & Fitness Centers
    Your members are vital to your success. HFS has a multitude of experience servicing health clubs and fitness facilities. The environment in the locker rooms and changing areas is the most visible area of concerns for fitness centers. The humidity that is present in your locker rooms allows for mold and bacteria to thrive and reproduce exponentially if left untreated. HFS uses only safe and effective cleaning chemical and equipment. Contact us for a "hassle free" quote.
  8. Education Facilities
    There is no substitute for keep a school or daycare facility safe for our children. HFS can service facilities ranging from pre-school to higher education facilities. The challenges school districts can face are constant. We would be happy to assist you and provide cleaning services that will reduce the stress on your staff and maintain your facility in the most cost-effective manner. HFS can also provide you with periodic or "summer cleaning" services such as window cleaning, floor refinishing, carpet cleaning and total "deep cleaning". Contact us now!

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