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Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

We service the Phoenix metro area as well as the state of Arizona.  Hoff Facility Services would be pleased to provide you with a service proposal for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or special one-time services.  ​​
  1. General Cleaning
    Routine service consists of trash removal, high-touch surface disinfection, workstation cleaning, furniture dusting, weekly dusting and more. Disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, countertops, kitchens, eating areas, etc. is a vital service that will ensure a healthy environment in your facility. We use environmentally friendly "green" cleaning chemicals. Hypo-allergenic products may also be used if requested to preserve a safe environment for sensitive staff members.
  2. Restroom Cleaning
    Hoff Facility Services understands the importance of clean, disinfected and stocked restrooms. It is common for visitors and staff members to develop an opinion regarding the cleanliness of the entire facility after only one trip to the restroom. Proper cleaning technique, effective cleaning chemical and the use of professional cleaning equipment will ensure that a visit to your restroom facilities will be a pleasant one.
  3. Floors & Carpet Cleaning
    Did you know that your carpet acts as a filter in your facility? Routine vacuuming of traffic lanes and a weekly thorough vacuum of all carpeting will help to control the soil and allergens that may be present in your facility. In combination with routine mopping of your hard floors, this will preserve your healthy environment and extend the life of your floor coverings.
  4. Recycling, Refuse & Conservation
    HFS is very conscious of environmentally friendly recycling programs and the proper disposal of trash/refuse. We would be happy to adopt your recycling program or help you create a new program if you do not currently have one in place. Also, we prefer to use environmentally friendly "green" cleaning chemicals and we are committed to the reduction of water and electricity waste. Our cleaning programs and technologically advanced equipment will help us achieve our goals together.
​Our Pledge To You:​​
Hoff Facility Services will provide our clients with a professional, reliable and consistent service at an economical rate. 
Our mission is to ensure that our clients and their visitors have a positive, safe and healthy experience during their time in the facility.
We will be your true professional vendor.  HFS will only offer our clients solutions that make sense and the solutions presented must improve the quality and health of your facility.
Hoff Facility Services will remain your vendor of choice by relentless  process improvements and sustained quality control initiatives, that do not "fall off" over time.
In closing...Our customer service is second to none and we will not rest until our clients are satisfied.
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