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    Hoff Facility Services, LLC is a full-service janitorial provider and facility maintenance company, serving the Phoenix metro area, the state of Arizona and the Southwestern United States. Our mission at HFS is to ensure that our clients and their guests have a safe and positive experience every time they visit a facility that is serviced by Hoff Facility Services. To accomplish this, HFS will implement a comprehensive cleaning program that utilizes industry best practices and technologically advanced equipment. Contact us to see what HFS can do for you!
  2. Specialized Services
    Specialty services are a great addition to any cleaning program. Periodic deep-cleaning or "refreshing" of your facility's surfaces will ensure longevity and help keep your facility looking great for many years. Routine maintenance of your floor coverings is a "must have" with any cleaning program. HFS will only provide professional solutions that add measurable "value" to our facility maintenance services. HFS, LLC can provide specialty services, such as carpet cleaning, vinyl tile refinishing, vinyl tile buffing/burnishing, tile & grout cleaning and much, much more.
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