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Specialty Services

Hoff Facility Services  provides real solutions that will maintain your facility and extend the life of your floor coverings, fixtures and many other surfaces. 
We guarantee customer satisfaction!
HFS can be your "one stop shop" for all of your facility maintenance needs.
  1. Carpet Extraction
    Hot water soil extraction is the most effective process we use to remove embedded soil from your carpet. This process will restore your carpet and leave it looking bright and refreshed. Recommended semi-annually.
  2. Floor Refinishing
    Although vinyl flooring is very durable, it requires routine maintenance to preserve the resilience and shine. We will strip/deep-clean and refinish your flooring as necessary to maintain a mirror finish.
  3. Tile & Grout Cleaning
    A combination of the appropriate cleaning compounds, heat, pressure and agitation will remove embedded soil from your tile and grout. We also recommend the application of a sealer to aid protection from re-soiling.
  4. Window Cleaning
    Windows are constantly exposed to salt, pollution, weather residue and soils. Let us make your windows invisible! We recommend semi-annual exterior window cleaning and annual cleaning of interior windows.
  5. Carpet Encapsulation
    This "dry cleaning" method is a great solution for an interim carpet cleaning program. This cleaning process is also very beneficial for facilities that have little downtime as carpet normally dries in just a couple hours.
  6. Restroom Deep-Cleaning
    We use a special deep-cleaning process to remove unwanted odors, soils, build-up and corrosion in your restrooms. We clean the areas that other's overlook. Let us restore your restrooms to a clean and fresh state.
  7. Post-Construction Clean-up
    This is a very labor intensive service. We can provide you with a "floor to ceiling" and "wall to wall" cleaning following new construction or renovation. We will help you meet your punch deadlines!
  8. High-Speed Burnishing
    Buffing/burnishing will improve the appearance of your hard floors. This service will also help to extend the life of your floor finish. We can perform this service weekly, monthly or as needed.
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